Acronis True Image 2014 Review

Acronis True Image 2014 Review. Acronis is a well-known leader in disk/PC imaging industry. Their products are used by both Home as well as Business and Enterprise users.

The new 2014 version of Acronis True Image comes with Cloud backup feature as well.

This new 2014 version provides various improvements and introduces new features compared to the Acronis True Image 2013. Following are the most noticeable features to watch:

• Disk imaging. Even to the cloud.

• Free online storage of 5GB for backup

• Incremental & differential backups. Now online, too.

• Full support for Windows 8

• Nonstop PC backup

• Mobile file access-iOS and Android apps


The installation wizard is way different from usual wizards and leaves a very good impression to start with. Have a see yourself below. It takes just about 2 minutes for the installation to complete.

Acronis True Image 2014



The startup interface screen is clean, sleek and soothing to eyes. It has 4 tabs namely, “Get Started”, “Backup and recovery”, “Synchronization”, and “Tools and utilities”.

Acronis True Image 2014


“Get Started” Tab

The Get Started tab is for first timers as it provides access to quick tours. These tours show you how to use the specific features. If you have already used Acronis before, it may be ok to skip the tours and head over to the main features which are listed below the tour: Back up system, Recover data and Back up to Cloud.

“Backup and Recovery” Tab

This is the most important feature one would want to use. Once you click the backup option button, Acronis presents you everything on platter, ready for you to go ahead with the operation. Do note that the default backup scheme is Incremental as shown below.

Acronis True Image 2014

If you are happy go lucky person just go ahead with the preset backup options and watch the program work for you smoothly. It is not at all recommended to change the preset backup options should in case you have specific reasons to do so.

You can also do back up to Cloud, however you would need internet connection to do so. For the first time Acronis does a full-system backup to the cloud. Post that only Incremental and differential backups are done to capture changes since your last backup. This technique saves a lot of time to backup, thereby saving storage space and giving you increased backup speed.

Although you will be spending most of the time with True Image 2014 on backups, the Recovery feature will be required only in case when something would go wrong. Restoring partitions or files is a simple 2-step method which consists of selecting the backup image (from which you want to restore from) and then deciding on what you want to recover – complete disk, a partition or specific files.

In case if you had used Acronis Cloud for backup storage, a web interface will open in your browser. From there, you can choose what kind of restore operation you want to perform.

“Synchronization” Tab

From here you could easily sync file to your online Acronis account. This data in the cloud is accessible anytime and anywhere —even from your mobile devices. Moreover, you can also share your files with ease. With True Image 2014 you get 5GB of secure cloud storage for Free.

“Tools and utilities” Tab

This tab provides access to very useful tools, not necessarily related to backup though. But they can be used in numerous other circumstances. Below are some of the important ones:

1. Try & Decide – This utility creates a virtual space on your drive, completely isolated from the main operating system and real disk. In this virtual space you can test software’s, websites, etc   – without affecting your real drive and operating system. Should in case if you are OK with the changes made, an example being an attachment downloaded from an email, you can simply pass on that download in to your real drive, without having the need to go back to the real drive and then re-download. Just click on “Apply changes” and it’s all set. Do note that this utility is disabled by default, so you would require enabling it before using.

2. Conversion to/from Acronis disk image (tib file) to a Windows (vhd virtual disk) – This utility comes handy for carrying out system migrations. It helps you to convert the proprietary Acronis image in TIB format to Microsoft image format VHD.

3. Settings backup – It allows you to backup/import the settings. A real time saver in case of re-installation or in those cases when you want to use similar setting on another system.

4. Secure Zone – This utility helps you to save the current system image in to the same system/drive, by creating a secure-zone – which acts as the image destination. Secure Zone is completely secluded for backups and can’t be used otherwise. This utility proves to be of great help in taking backups, that too on the same laptop.

5. Bootable media builder– It helps creating an emergency boot disk. Good for those bad times when windows will refuse to boot leaving no option to restore data.

6. Acronis Startup Recovery Manager – In my view this is the most important utility available, as it allows you to load Acronis before Windows boot. So for those times when windows is dead as well as if you do not have a recovery CD in hand, you could still boot to Acronis and perform recovery operations.


1. Enormous range of disk and file backup options

2. Mobile file access

3. Non-stop backups

4. Easy to use for both beginners and advanced users.

5. Flexible, integrated and cheap cloud-storage option (5GB free up to 250GB paid).

6. Detailed and updated offline Help file.


Acronis True Image 2014 is a very powerful backup tool with numerous features to use per your needs. The vast number of settings can be tweaked per one’s need and requirement. Although the huge amount of options and backup possibilities might scare off new users, it is absolutely ok to use the product as-is because it comes pre-configured to use without having to change any setting/option.

The new 2014 version Acronis has set a new standard for backup and disk imaging software, thus making it the top choice for home users and professionals alike.

A 30-day free trial of True Image 2014 along with free 5GB cloud storage is available to test and decide before you opt to buy the product.


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