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Acronis True Image 2021Acronis True Image is one of the best applications we have ever tried. It has the attractive interface and simple desktop application among the other cloud backup applications we tested recently, but we found some negative points related to the high cost of storage bundled with the imperfect web-site and mobile usability make Acronis sometimes difficult to recommend for the general user.
The basic cloud related Acronis service starts at 500GB, which is quite low storage for the power user who would take all the benefits of the solid functionality that is offered by Acronis True Image.

Acronis True Image subscription options

Many general users can find the better service in IDrive, which gives you plenty of the same functions as Acronis True Image at the better price.
However, there are a lot of users who will take into consideration a lot of of features that Acronis True Image provides out of the box. If you accept Acronis’ high cost of the storage, and you are going to use of all its functions and tools, the service itself is mostly excellent.

Cloud backup services

Online-backup or Cloud backup services create a replica of all data you’ve got on your PC in online mode. A number of these services can also copy applications, system files, tablets, smartphones, and external hard drives to the cloud. Most offer big or unlimited storage size for a fixed subscription fee, and many, including Acronis, can also perform local file backups to an external disk drive.
Online services like OneDrive or Dropbox designed for another purpose. They create online copies of selected files and distribute them to all your devices so you have access to the latest files at any time. Acronis includes a limited syncing function into Acronis True Image. But it would cost too high to use an online-syncing service to store all your data.
If you have tons of videos, photos or music files you prefer backed up to a safe location, a cloud-backup service will cover all your needs.

Prices and what’s inside

Acronis began in 2003 as a developer of disc-imaging and local-backup software and rapidly earned a good reputation on the market. Acronis still proposes this old-style solution, named True Image Standard, for a one-time fee of $59.99 for one PC, $89.99 for three or $119.99 for five. The problem is that you will get free upgrades for only 30 days after purchase.
If you do not prefer to pay for the software upgrades, then you can select the subscription to the Acronis True Image Essential supporting only local backups. That costs $49.99 per year for one device, $79.99 for three or $99.99 for five. As with all Acronis subscription plans, there are often a good discounts proposed for the first year.
Neither Essential nor Standard includes an online backup functionality. To include that, you have to upgrade to one of Acronis’ subscription plans, which cost a bit more and which Acronis determines as “hybrid backup,” with both local and online functions.
The cheaper option is named Acronis True Image Advanced and contains 500GB of cloud storage. It is $89.99 per year for one PC, $129.99 for three or $189.99 for five, but remember that the 500GB storage place stays the same. (The old $49.99/year, 250GB cloud option has been disappeared.)

Even the 0,5 TB online-backup plan is very small for a lot of users. For users with more significant backup needs, the Premium plan (starting at $124.99 per year) offers 1TB of cloud backup for a single PC. Each additional TB is $40, and finally up to 5TB for $284.99 per year.
Putting to three devices on the Premium plan costs additional $65, but then it is only $20 to come up to five computers. Extra TB are still $40 per each, so the maximum you will pay for Acronis True Image is $369.99 per year for 5TB of backup space for five PCs. (It’s 50% off for the first year.)
Mobile devices are not treated by Acronis as PCs, so you can back up an unlimited number of them utilizing any Acronis cloud plan. Different from other online backup services, Acronis can back up both NAS drives placed in a home network to the cloud and external drives attached to a PC. It can also duplicate your local files to the cloud, a feature called by Acronis as “Dual Protection.”

Acronis local-backup application has a very good level of trust, and power users often use it to both “image” and clone their drives in case of a drive failure or other disaster. (Cloning creates an exact copy of the same size, while imaging creates a copy with compression.)
Acronis True Image Essential combined together with cryptomining blockers and ransomware, as well as usefull extras like Active Disk Cloning, which gives you the possibility to replicate your Mac or Windows system while your PC is running and to make a virtual PC using your previously cloned local drive.
If you are looking for backup your Microsoft 365 files located on Microsoft’s servers you can use Advanced subscription plan which also including Acronis’ own developed antivirus software, described in further detail below. The Premium plan gives you electronic signatures and blockchain certification of your files. There is a plenty of other interesting Acronis features that we will get into.

There are definitely some users for whom all these complicated and powerful features are important and very useful. But for the normal user who is not going to use them so often, it does not make any sense to pay $90 per year for 500 GB of cloud data storage or $125 for 1TB.
In comparison with IDrive which lets you back up your data up to 5TB from an unlimited number of sources for only $70 per year. The similar plan on Acronis would cost you around $370 per year.

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