Acronis True Image 250GB Online Cloud Storage Review

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is basically a network of systems to store your data. These systems (or better servers) are nothing but a pool of storage known as data center, where systems’ resources are shared and balanced to provide a customer a data pool (storage) to store files. Usually a data center has multiple servers and is spread across multiple physical locations. All the data is stored in a secure manner and is accessible only to the person who has stored it.

How to use/access data in a Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage enables you to access your files from any device, located anywhere in the world, having an internet connection. The access method varies depending on the cloud provider, but is usually one of these: web-access using a browser on PC/Mac, an app on your desktop/SmartPhone/Tablet, or even though a FTP.

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Irrespective of the method you use, the process is very simple and involves the following basic steps:

1. Log in to the cloud service using your credentials

2. Select the files that you want to store in the cloud.

3. Use the available method to either upload the files one-by-one or in-bulk to the cloud.

4. You may even set up notifications to know once your data is uploaded completely.

5. You may also schedule uploads to cloud, should the cloud provider allows to do so.

6. You can even backup your complete system to the cloud using Acronis Cloud Backup products discussed further.

Acronis – a known name in Backup & Recovery business has a wide range of cloud related products. These products are:

1. PC and Workstation backup to the Cloud

2. Windows Server backup to the Cloud

3. Windows and Linux virtual machine backup to the Cloud

All of the Acronis Backup family of products comes with complete data protection with exceptional ease of use.

Below are noteworthy features of Acronis cloud products:

**Complete Protection

**Easiest to Use

**Business Applications Protection


**Multiple Destinations


**Encrypted Storage

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Acronis can not only help you backup your physical workstations, PC and servers, but also virtual servers to Acronis cloud. Acronis’ patented disk image technology captures everything on the machine (including but not limited to the operating system, data, settings and applications).  All your backups are stored in secure Acronis cloud storage. Should in case of any disaster, you can recover individual files, disks, or even a complete system within a few minutes, thereby avoiding downtime and critical loss to business. In case of disk and hardware failures, Acronis can also restore backup to an entirely new, dissimilar hardware, or even to a virtual machine, saving precious time and avoiding business risks.

Business Applications Protection

Acronis’ unique disk image technology coupled with VSS support provides consistent backups of all running applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Active Directory. So it becomes easy to restore these critical business applications without having to lose data.

Backup Schemes

Acronis Backup comes with a set of pre-defined industry-standard schemes such as Grandfather-Father-Son or Tower-of-Hanoi). This helps businesses to quickly set-up backup-recovery without looking for any hell. Moreover, one can also define custom schemes per their need, using advanced settings.

Encryption, Validation and Consolidation

Acronis encrypts your data even during transmission process. Furthermore, all backups in Acronis Cloud are encrypted industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption algorithms. Apart from usual manual validation, business can even schedule automatic validation of backups to ensure that their backed-up data is in recoverable state. The consolidation (of incremental backups) done by Acronis, helps a business to save a lot on storage space and cost.

Multiple Destination backups

Acronis provides you lot of flexible to ensure that your backups are reliable and that there is no time spent recovering the same. Therefore, you can opt to backup in to 5 different locations – local disk, attached storage, network storage or Acronis cloud. Such flexibility enables business to not only optimize storage costs but also ensure multiple recovery options in case of disaster.

Storage and Retention Policy

Given the Multiple Destination backups feature, Acronis also allows you to automatically move the backed-up data between various storage locations. This is very helpful when you want to repair a storage location, or take it offline.

Backup Operations Scheduling

Because you own the backup, Acronis also allows you to control the way backups should happen. You can choose to run backups automatically based on user-defined schedules, pre-determined schedules, or even based on triggers generated by specific events such as users logging on/off, machines being powered on/off.

Dissimilar Hardware Restore

The main aim of having a backup is to ensure that one can recovery easily without suffering loss of data. But with Acronis Universal Restore technology, you can expect a lot more. The Universal Restore technology empowers businesses to bare-metal restore data to dissimilar hardware. This helps to quickly recover your entire data, even if your original hardware has failed.

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