Acronis True Image 2016 Review

Our latest Acronis True Image 2016 Review.

Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in the past couple of decades, from the internet, to smartphones, tablets and more. Gone are the days where the size of computers would be as big as a Buick, and with very low amounts of storage space. The world we live in today, actually has memory cards, half an inch in size, but with a massive 256GB capacity.

Similarly, computer hard disks have also increased in capacity, and are somewhat portable thanks to modern and light weight designs. But it is not just the hardware which has improved in quality. So has the quality of everything we use the hardware for. People want to use and view high res photos, 4K videos, and more. All this can chew up on your storage space, quite a bit.

In fact, we rely on digital technology so much these days, that electronic devices and software, have more or less replaced paper based work and data in a lot of places including offices, banks and more. This is a good thing for the environment too, as it helps reduce the carbon footprint.

Now, what seems to be the problem here? The problem is that data requires storage space, and our hard drives can only hold so much of them. We can’t keep buying more hard drives, as they are not a cost effective solution. And laptops can’t be upgraded with more than one hard drive, it is literally impossible. And neither is it possible to buy and carry portable hard drives with us everyday, even if they are merely pocket sized.

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acronis true image 2016 review
And of course, one must consider all the damage hard drives can suffer. Hard drives, just like any other hardware, and could develop bad sectors, or simply stop working, and thus you could lose your data, all of it.  Such a catastrophe is not just limited to physical damage, which can wreak havoc on a hard drive, but also through infections from malware, viruses, trojans and more.

So, we tend to clear out a lot of data, which we deem unnecessary or less useful, at the moment, and delete them to make room for more important files.

But sometimes, we may need those deleted files back. And how do you get them? The wiser thing to do is to take a backup of it and save it elsewhere, and then delete the original copy which seems to be consuming your hard drive’s space.

Obviously, the number one choice for this is the most popular one these days, cloud storage. This is also an effective way to keep backups for your important files. But are they truly safe? Would it not be better to ensure that, it is safer, encrypted, and only you can truly access it?

This is why we recommend Acronis True Image, which is the best backup software for computers.

The interface of the program is well designed and stylish. The modern design makes it also user friendly. The functions are purely sidebar based, and this allows for easy navigation through the various options.

There are several options on the sidebar. And these six are the most important ones which you will be using: Backup, Archive, Dashboard, Sync, Tools and Account.

Backup, as the name suggests, is the primary function which makes Acronis, what it is. It allows you to take backups of your files and and folders. This is quite useful, but Acronis is by no means limited to such a menial task, as it has the ability to copy, i.e., backup the hard drive partitions and can even clone your PC’s hard drive, complete with all of its files, and its operating system.

You can save your backups to various locations. This includes your PC’s internal hard drive, or an external hard disk which you have, or even save the data to the Cloud, yes to the Acronis Cloud Storage. The last option allows you to access the backups stored on the Acronis’s servers, from anywhere and from any device, simply using a browser and connecting to the Acronis Cloud account.

Most users would however prefer to use the local backup options. You can backup the files selected data by clicking on the files and folders option. This brings up the built-in file manager UI. It is remarkably good in terms of design, and has two panes. The one on the left is for browsing through folders, while the one on the right, displays the content of the folder you have selected.

Now, the most important part of backups, is obiously the option using which  you can restore your old data backups. You do want to access your important data, after all, that is the whole purpose of backups, protecting your data, especially the ones which you may currently not have.

And for this, Acronis offers the perfect solution. It allows you to select from various options, including the ability to restore just a single file or folder, or as many as you want to. The option is helpful in times when you just want to restore a particular file from a backup, and not from the entire backup image or set of files. It would be a waste of time, if you had to restore entire backups for getting one or two files.

And what about a full disk backup of your operating system? It could be pretty handy if your computer isn’t working well, or is throwing up some errors? Fortunately, Acronis saves 10 backups of your system states, which is Kind of like system restore, except with all your data intact. Even Windows can’t do this kind of thing on its own, and thats why you need Acronis to protect your data.

Lose some important data or docs or pictures? Don’t worry in the slightest, simply rollback to a previous system state, and then recover the files you want. It’s really as easy as that.

The second option on the sidebar is the Archive option, and don’t be confused, it isn’t a zipping tool. Instead, the Archive option in True Image, allows you to declutter your hard drive, by moving files to the Acronis Cloud. Instead of deleting files and losing them permanently, move them to the Cloud, where they will be safe, in case you ever need them again.

The Dashboard option, on the sidebar, lets you to login to your cloud account, and manage your data and your devices which you have connected to the account. You may also use it from any device, by using your Acronis account.

The fifth option on the sidebar is Sync. The name should have made it clear, and yes as it suggets, this option allows you to sync your data from the cloud storage to the device on which Acronis True Image has been installed.  So by using this you can ensure that your device, to keep it up to date with the data on the server.

What good is a backup program if there is no option for security of the data? Well, it wouldn’t be very good if someone else can access your backups? It would be a terrible breach of privacy, wouldn’t it? You don’t have to worry about this with Acronis. The best part is that it encrypts your data using a 256-bit encrypting algorithm. And only you have the key to access it, so it is completely safe, as only you can decrypt the data with the key, and view it.

Lastly, the tools option houses a very important option, called Clone Disk. It is this option which lets you take a full disk image backup of your computer’s entire hard drive. By using this you can safely restore your hard drive, even after formatting it.

The Universal Restore Media is quite similar to the option mentioned above, but is used to migrate your data, to a new computer or a new hard drive. Before restoring though, first you will need to create bootable resue disks. These can then  using the Rescue Media Builder, which can then be used in case your PC fails to boot.

There are a set of very useful standalone applications in True Image (which run outside of Acronis’ interface) which are accessible from the Tools menu in the sidebar. These are the options which are available:

Acronis System Report
Activate Acronis Startup Recovery Mananager
Add New Disk
Bootable Rescue Media Builder
Clone Disk
Manage Acronis SecureZone
System Clean-up
Try & Decide

The Parallel Access option in Acronis, allows you to save all of your mobile phone’s data to the cloud, so you can have all of your devices backed up safely, which is not something most backup software can do.

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